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Enjoy the Present Cap

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You must have heard this over a million times by now: Enjoy the present, live in the moment and don't care about the future or the past!

This is a solid piece of advice, but there is a caveat to it... Enjoying the present is fine, not caring about the past is more than fine, but not worrying about the future is NOT!

If you want to set goals in your life to achieve a greater self then caring about the future should never be forgotten and it should go in tandem with enjoying the present.

So this Cap is all about enjoying everything at present, but you have been warned... self improvement comes with planning ahead for the future and execute your plans every day!

  • Strap Type: Adjustable
  • Hat Size: One Size
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Head Circumference: 56-60 cm
  • Material: Polyester


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